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When you buy direct from *, we will keep track of your total purchases. The more money you spend, the higher percentage of store credit you will receive on each order. This store credit will be added to your account when your order is shipped. Here are the total purchase break points:
Reward Level
* Total Amount Purchaed
 1  $1  2%
 2 $100
 3  $250  3%
 4  $500  4%
 5  $1,000  5%
 6  $2,000  6%
 7  $4,000  7%
 8  $6,000  8%
 9  $8,000  9%
 10  $10,000


*Your first purchase at our site automatically gives you 2% Store Credit. Most coupons offered by DO NOT also give you the Rewards Store Credit.

In-Store Rewards-OSGBucks!

For every in-store purchase of $75 or more, OSG will be giving out an OSGBucks $5 certificate! This is for every $75 spent, so a single purchase of $150 will get you $10 in OSGBucks! The certificate can be used for any future merchandise purchase within the expiration.

*There is no cash value to this Coupon. No change or store credit exchange are given. Valid for single purchases only-rewards not cumulative.

Refer A Friend Program!

The Refer A Friend program allows you to build store credit and help your friends to join you in shopping at our store. They will start with a $5 off coupon which can be used on their first order of $10 or more. As a token of our gratitude to you for increasing our customer base, we will award you 10% of the total of the order they use their coupon on once it is shipped.

Only new users in new households can benefit from the Refer A Friend program. Refer A Friend today and start earning extra store credit! Click Here!