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Tablewar Mark III Mini Case - Red

Tablewar Mark III Mini Case - Red

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The Mini Case is the latest addition to our Case line and is the center of our patented Modular Display, Storage, & Transport System. The case currently comes in Red.

The Mini Display Tower Bundle comes with a Mark III Mini Case + 2 Double-wide Bottom Base Trays. Enough trays to fill the entire case!

This MKIII version of our popular case replaces the combination latches with latches that you may lock with your own locks. The Case is designed for the display, storage, and light transport of hobby models and miniatures. This case is small enough to be used as a carry-on on an airplane (and fits below most airline seats). This case is not recommended for heavy transport such as, for example, the unprotected checking as baggage within an airplane.

This product is designed to work best with our Mini Display Boards (2 included; more may be purchased separately) and Unit Trays. This case comes with 2 Mini Display Boards and 1 Mini Drawer This case includes an acrylic face to allow visibility into the contents of the case while the case is closed. The acrylic face is removable for easy access to the case when opened. The top lid of the case also opens to provide even greater access to the contents when the case is opened. The drawer of the case may be removed to allow greater customization and arrangements of the contents.

This case dimensions are as follows: Interior Dimensions (usable): 8.75" deep x 7.5" high x 11.5" wide Exterior Dimensions: 9.25" deep x 8" high (8.75" with feet and handle) x 13.5" wide Interior Drawer Dimensions: 10.75" Wide x 7.5" Deep x 1.5" High

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