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  • $24.99 Heavily Played
    Rule Books in tact but battle pieces are separted into bags.

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  • $14.95 Heavily Played
    "here are the legends and lore needed to recreate the heroic quests in the ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS worlds of fantasy"Now you can add the grandeur of epic quests to your game. This book provides... read more

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  • $24.95 Moderately Played
    Within this box is everything needed to visit the fabulous Forgotten Realms. The 96-page player's book contains entries on all known areas, cities, people, and things, presented in alphabetical ord... read more

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  • $12.95 Lightly Played
    The Blood Sea of Istar...grim reminder of the vengeance of the gods. Roiling and churning angrily, these sanguine waters are the grave of many a brave sailor. Across this haunted sea the heroes mus... read more

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  • $19.95 Damaged
    You stand before a great throne of lapis lazuli. The massive chamber is also blue, even the air has an indigo quality, perhaps from the strangely convoluted coils of smoke rising from the braziers... read more

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  • $12.95 Damaged
    At last! A sourcebook for the most exciting epic ever from TSR, Inc.!Now, you and your players can have the entire world of Krynn at your fingertips! "Dragons of Mystery" gives you the background a... read more

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  • $12.95 Heavily Played
    You stand on the road east of Solace, tired from five years of adventuring, from a fruitless search for lost clerical magic. You know the old proverb that claims "You must return to find what you ... read more

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